Monday, 27 December 2010

A New Dawn

A new dawn breaks
new light fills the sky
being grounded for so long
once again I look up to fly.

Fog and mist all around
unsure of my flight,
I hold hope and smile
as you light up the long still night.

Maybe I should have flown yesterday
maybe the best weather has passed
doubt and fear cloud my mind
as I battle with my past.

But something tells me it's a new day
that I must let go and start
that the brightest of weathers
lurks behind this passing dark.

Some things might have changed
but I shall brace this new light
shall not regret and burn
shall bask in the sunshine.

I don't fear for what I feel
as the sun dispenses the numbing chill,
for today I know that
you, my dearest, are my freewill.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

A cold silent night

Deja vu it is
mirror deja vu if I may,
things that have happened before
with me on other side of the play.

Too pleased with the perfect weather
go a little far did I
reminds me of the cursed mariners,
the still winds and the painted sky!

As the night grows dark
the sails dead still,
I take a deep breath to brave
the biting cold, the numbing chill.

Maybe it is only fair
maybe this is what closes the loop,
as I battle random thoughts
ungrateful nights and the beautiful hoop.

I didn't let it happen then
shall today not be done to me,
for all the calls that have gone bad then
today I shall just let things be!

It must be so at least once
good for me it is, I am told
Ok! Alright! I smile wry
as I try harder to hold.

I know not how long it shall take
know not when there shall be light
I close my eyes and smile
as I slowly dissolve into the cold silent night.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Letters to you

Some more time has gone by
am back from a slow quiet walk
away from the mad rush of it all
I have found sometime to talk

Nothing major to crib about today
no major tantrums to throw
no violent swings of mood
nothing to put up a show

I talk to you and wonder
whether you are for real or not
try not to get caught in the mind though
having realised the futility of thought!

Slowly as the sky changes colour
naive to assume it would never so
reminds me of the age old adage
you shall reap as you shall sow

I look at the half lit horizon
see you fly far and high
end of day or break of dawn
from what I see, it's hard to say

Whatever it may be
am glad that you hold me through
though things have changed with time
I still write my letters to you!

Sunday, 21 November 2010

May the dream never die

All men are born the same
our dreams define who we are
define where we belong to
and you, my dear, belong to the stars.

Those twinkling million lights
the mysteries that they hide
the stories that they tell
are for yours to find.

So go ahead and find them
find the time to star gaze
find that shadowed voice inside, and
not get too involved in this maze.

Great thing you will accomplish
high and far you will fly
but amidst all of it
may the dream never die. :)

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Accepting Change

Hello ppl,

I am on a trip rite now to my native, Kumaon. Distance gives perspective and time, both much needed to write. The inspiration for this piece is a plain old boring fact (being that: Everthing that is will change) and my learnings from the same. As much as a cribbo I am, I am learning to ride the wave :) and not 'crib' bout yesterday's calm seas! :P Without much ado, here it is...

Accepting Change

I know it isn't advisable
I know it is probably no worth
as much as I try to stay in the now
my thoughts sway back and forth.

Another time it was
another time it is now
as I sit, smile and wonder
times sure have changed and how!

I know that change is constant
for what is know shall not remain so
accepting change still takes some effort
just knowing it doesn't mean being so!

I could dwell into the details
as I am tempted to draw compare
what good would it bring though
just some more pain and despair.

As by each passing day
I come across something new
something that wasn't so before
I stand and witness the changing hues.

Some shades hit me hard
Others I smile as I swathe
as I try to pull up my walls
and take shelter in my tested faith.

For all the derivatives that have changed
I hope the underlying has stayed the same
familiar respite I find in the ink and paper
and am back to the now from the memory lanes.

My trip is coming to an end now and have another inspiration to be penned down, about my trip and my experience here :) Hope I am able to put it to words :)

So long ppl,

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The End of an Era

Hello ppl,

I have been away for quite sometime now...My final semester exams are over and project submission will be done on saturday(15th) and then engg z done for good. This piece is dedicated to my mates who I shall leave when I leave Surat...and who knows...never meet many of them again..I wrote this somedays back. For all the ups and downs it has had...its been quite a ride for sure!

The End of an Era

That time of the year again,
as I roll the pages to see,
the colours, the words and the lovely smiles
the mag is as bright as it could be!

And at last on the pages where
till yesterday smartly my seniors stood
too many known faces I notice
and hidden somewhere in between is me.

It is really setting in now,
as the 'last time' s float around me
for the batch is a 'was' now :(
but we, my friends, shall always be! :)

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Smile Again

Hello ppl,

Days here are going super fast and all that was supposed to work out has not :P wats new in that u ask!! nothin actually :P last few days in college...ppl and the mahol tends to get senti ;) hehe...aur sab toh chal hi raha hai.. and yea a VERY HAPPY B"DAY to Andy btw...hope you come to terms well with ur mid twenties well :P while i still bask in my early twenties! ;)

This is inspired by and dedicated to a friend of mine..

Smile Again

The day is the same
Some numbers are new,
The smiles of yesterday
have all turned blue.

It is just another day
It is not the best
Don't you go off now
Singling self from the rest.

For the people are the same
and the world is too,
Just a minor roadblock
in the beautiful flight you took :)

Just like I have known everything else,
I know that you will fly again
Higher and farther than you ever have
that this is just a passing pain.

These lines probably won't change a lot,
But realise that not a lot has changed!
Soon these numbers will be past
and you, my dear, shall smile again.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Two Different Worlds

Hello ppl,

It has been so long I havent posted anything!! Whole of feb gone and not even a single post!! :O :P
Well, partly u can blame it on the kharab internet at my college and partly on my laziness(ofcourse :P ) I have been fine...and as usual things around have been changing...if u want to know more then call me!!

The inspiration for this piece is semi-random and semi-derived from a talk I had with an old college friend sometime back. Its about him and a friend of his..and how simple and complicated human emotions can be at the same time. It has been there at the back of my mind but only now, i.e. at 2 am, did the worlds flow out :P not exactly what I had on mind...a lill awkward wordplay here n there...nonetheless here it is :)

Two Different Worlds

How often it is that
entangled in the daily gross
the dice will roll so as
to make your paths cross.

Two different worlds we are
but merrily along we do get
What joy there is in the mysteries
unravelling each other with our fishing nets!

Fishes so beautiful I have never seen
I listen to her mesmerised
the sweet voice and the innocence
minutes it takes from midnight to sunrise.

Minutes to hours and days to months
the gorgeous smile and the twinkling eyes
fed on a healthy dose of both
I so wish I too could angelise.

Oh! I get so carried away
too comfortable to even realise
ever so innocently and unknowingly
she has put me along with her archives.

I laugh at my own mistake
laugh at the lack of humour
Two different worlds, I remind myself
and smile as I see her.

She smiles back and waves at me
as she spreads her wings to fly
back to the real life I get
too careful of the roll of the die.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Where I Belong

Days to weeks to months
The hands keep ticking on
Still trying to grapple with
all that has been coming along.

In the mad rush of it all
I pause to look around,
familiar faces, familiar places,
familiar ways and familiar sounds.

But I know something is amiss
it has been so for quite sometime,
everyone is singing to their tune
but I just cant seem to find mine.

Another day passes in running around
another night passes in introspect,
disappointed in self and my mates
no clearer do my answers get.

The reflection in the mirror is hazy now
for I have been away too long,
take me back to my people and me
take me to where I truly belong.