Monday, 10 March 2014

Growing Wings

Hello people :)

I know I have been away quite somewhile. A lot has happened in the past month, both internally and externally. But this is not about them. As much as i would wanna share the last month with you, I dont wanna delay on my current inspiration lest it get lost with so many other 'lost ones' and join the list of incomplete posts :P

How much ever we try not to, we tend to look at the world from your tiny little perspective, relating all to our way of thoughts and life and trying to see how others fit in our scheme of things. For once if you drop the inherent bias and try to be in the other person's shoes what you learn will surprise you. For a moment stop cribbing over your stuff and look around to people who live on with greater problems and smile and carry on just as well. The protagonist is a young woman (for a change :P ) who wishes to break the norms and live life on her own terms.This poem is a dedicated to all those brave people out there who dont cease to smile :)

Growing Wings

I smile at them and they smile back
as I turn the pages to see,
so many people, so many stories,
so many years it has been.

I yearn for a story of my own,
yearn to play the lead,
to take the paths that I have always wanted
and not just wonder where they lead.

Yearn to wake up to a morning trek
or breakfast in bed is just as well,
to walk along the endless waters,
the star lit skies and the enchanting smells.

Yearn to see the distant places
and to meet people for my own,
to fall in love for once
and meet whom I have always known.

And now the box is open again
my stifled dreams now freely flow,
for as much as you love me
its time you must let me go.

For I want to take flight
glide along the winds that blow
please don't stop me or try to clip
these beautiful wings that I wish to grow.