Friday, 22 July 2011

A Vent

C'mon! Just gimme a break
Whats with all this thinking!
Aren't you too bored of yourself?
Are you even blinking?

No I don't wish to listen to you
Your world and images
And how its hasn't been
Your day in ages!

I want an inspiration
I want a happy song
To breakaway the drudgery
To happily sing along.

To be light and fly
To the clouds that I see
No more of words please
Or I may just flee!

So shut up and lemme find
The song that subtly plays
Its like me vs. myself here
Now don't make me slay!

Fun how crazy I can be
How words vent me out
A crazy ten min of writing
Just saved someone a few shouts!

Ok! Adios amigos
Go away and don't whine
Go and do your stuff
And let me do mine!

Different ways

Another one of the days
quiet and nice
as I make peace
with the external clutter
and the internal ice.

Been a while since
I simply whiled away time
no weights, no wedges
not yours, not mine.

Am I a failed inspiration
or is this just the way
we don't define the course
just our bets we play!

As the dust slowly settles
clearer and farther I see
not your bad nor mine
it so had to be.

If this were a journey
this is where it ends
another fork in the road
and we take our bends.

Dark and alien it seems
and for sometime it will be
with the hope of light and flight
different worlds we shall see.

So long my friend,
a special journey it has been
in physical we part
in spirit shall always be.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Taking chances

What is so special about the day
Merrily lost in thoughts I sway
Is it something good that was
Or has it gone the other way?

As I sit, smile and write
Quietly amidst the many faces
Doesn't quite matter which way it went
As long as it was well spent.

What good is to be done
How bad can it get
The whole point is to
Go out there and play your bet!

And so I have played mine
To the best I knew
And hence the smile
Of having seen it through.

As I retire for the day
Tomorrow is a new bet
A day at a time
Is the simplest it can get!

Sunday, 17 July 2011


I feel the itch to write
for quite some time now
inspirations pass like thin clouds
the weather changes and how!

As I look outside
not be consumed by the self again
Give the thoughts some rest
No more equations of loss and gain.

As it builds up inside me
and I try to find a vent
Run, walk or just crawl
the feeling of being all so spent.

So I don't think now
what purpose has it served anyways
the plans, the images and the works
and reality's many ways!

No I don't want to word it
No I don't want to share
Words are an approximation at best
Why may you even care!

Yet in words I find my respite
Impromptu as they say
no more white boards and rough drafts
no more planning the way.

I feel the need to go
and to not take along
leave all that has been
and play to the flowing song.

All forms now collapse
I see no rhythm or rhyme
not even in these words I write
not even they are mine.