Thursday, 5 November 2009

Let them be hidden ;)

The human heart has hidden treasures
In secret kept, In silence sealed.
The thoughts, the hopes, the dreams, the pleasures
Whose charms were broken if revealed.

Lines from the movie 'Definitely Maybe' (one of my super favs!)

When I first saw the movie a year back I dint like the movie so much..the lines 2 dint make much sense..but now I see them so much more clearly...The more I see it(the movy) the more I read them..the more I love it!
Beautiful...aah...Beautiful :)
To all the little(or big ;) ) secrets that we keep...the dreams,hopes,memories and things
To write anything more would be insulting the lines :P

So long people,
Peace (And you wondered what the great mystery behind it was!! just the vowels man :P )

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Where have I been??

Hello ppl,

Been rather long..Hope all has been well with u guys.. The vacns were great..tho things here hav been quite unremarkable off late..

The diwali was great!! Infact I wanted to write a piece on it called 'The Lights of 2009' , but dint rite when the time was rite...n then the inspiration (well most of it) jus faded away..It is my fav festival of the year...I love the lights all around..the tons of sweets that flow in n out of the houses...the lovely traditional dresses that every1 wears and ofcorz the idea of 'victory of good over evil' :) Was quite evntful too!!wid my dads bday bein on the day I reachd home. I realised that knowin how to drive isnt always a good thing!! I was made the driver on so many occasions by my sister altho she can drive perfectly( getting married can be have great privileges!! :P ) Didi n alok(my wud be jijaji) had come home for diwali...both returned to their jobs n there was peace at last!! :P i prolly sound too selfish, but yea I like my house being empty n quiet more often that not! n guess wat after she gets married I get to keep her room :P (atlst when shez not arnd!) hehe....n ofcorz the balcony too! :D

GMAT: I have had so much of these four letter in last few months that it is a relief to get done with it finally!! 26th oct was the date...n well I got a 710( i would hav loved a 730!!)...which is a pretty decent score :) so thats a happy 26th!! :D :D The experience was quite a thing man...the xam centre was so uber cool...with camera surveillance, e-signature, palm scan and stuf!! I had neva given a palm scan before...made quite a fool of myslf givin it the 1st time :P hehe..and then being given ear plugs n cool lookin plastic coated pads to write on...well i felt like quite an executive :D ;) and aah the feeling of coming out after the exam n scoring a 700 up... Seriously felt like a a big weight had gone off me!! And then I had to take time Marine Drive ki jay ho!!

And other than GMAT there is another highlight of my diwali.. a new friend that I made...amazing how u know som1 exist for so long but neva really think u will be frenz with him/her(its not the 1st time that has happend with me!! :P )... kind of person who would make you believe in the good there is in the world(how much eva lill it mite be )...who has nothin to do with my GMAT n who isnt super inquisitive bout my future plans and what i m gonna do next...n wats been up wid me...blah its always nice to be with som1 with whom u can not think bout gmat,cat,toefl,work ex etc etc :P and jus let the other person in u be :) ... got me sweets to celebrate my score when we met !! Mithai alwaysmakes me happy :D pata nahi un sweets ka kya hota had I not got a good score!! Neways main kha hi jata :P its nice to have a fresh view of of the world again..listen to opinions and perspectives...nothing superficial or fake bout them...still optimistic and upbeat...unlike mine which are a lill cynical and numbed down by my so called growing up and graduation years!! In that way it was definitely a memorable diwali :) plus it is always nice to listen sometimes as opposed to always keep talkin n be the entertainer :P hehe... You,dear friend, make a light of 2009.. :)

And now back to college..its dry and quiet as usual here..for last one week we hav been havin no classes...mass bunk!! i donno y...prolly its a CAT bunk or jus a tp wala bunk...or coz junta is so frustrated that there are no placements!! Have been wastin a lot of time and now as a result have this pile of work to do!! My dear friend VJ who was here jus sometime back says the placement pressure is gettin to him too!! :O thats a surprise...i mean u wudnt expect to hear that from a guy whoz a kvpy scholar,internships at the top two IITs...ex-head of robocon team...and blah blah :P so ye kinda makes me wonder if final yer guys have eva been as frustrated as they are nw!! As for me m not much worriedbout the placemnts coz the last thing i want to do after gettin out of engg(which i have beens o waiting for last 3 yrs) is to again do somethin related to it :P But yea m a lill concerned about what my own job future ...which is tougher...coz first i hav to define what i wanna do and then search for it!! :P

Wow!! Feels light after putting all this down man!! Have been wanting to write something...nething..for long now...seminar and proj work staring at my face now! But I feel good :) So I shall be off to work then...Hope u guys are all upto something...fiddling around in your own worlds...Take care...

So long ppl,