Tuesday, 15 November 2011

False colours

Another sun goes down
As I lift my head to see
See as far as I can
See if you are to be

Like the curse of the mariner
The painted sky looks back at me
Still faces, still paces
as still as it could be

But I look on
as the efforts die down
and in the warmth of the embers
Quiet finds some ground

Hoping that you would come around
and work your magic on me
In the delightful flight of yours
lift me out of my misery

Just look at me and know
words, inadequate as they be,
what I have done to them
could you please do so to me?

Not too far gone
I snap myself back
Believing in a friend, an angel, a saviour
is just allowing myself unnecessary slack

Oh! The dreams, the colours and the flight
An unreal image in my head
The sun is dead; dark it is
all so well, I hit the bed!