Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The End of an Era

Hello ppl,

I have been away for quite sometime now...My final semester exams are over and project submission will be done on saturday(15th) and then engg z done for good. This piece is dedicated to my mates who I shall leave when I leave Surat...and who knows...never meet many of them again..I wrote this somedays back. For all the ups and downs it has had...its been quite a ride for sure!

The End of an Era

That time of the year again,
as I roll the pages to see,
the colours, the words and the lovely smiles
the mag is as bright as it could be!

And at last on the pages where
till yesterday smartly my seniors stood
too many known faces I notice
and hidden somewhere in between is me.

It is really setting in now,
as the 'last time' s float around me
for the batch is a 'was' now :(
but we, my friends, shall always be! :)