Friday, 16 October 2009

A Passing Shower

The sun gleams down hard
I squint my eyes to see
dry leaves and parched land
it is as still as it could be.

Just then a gust of wind picks up
blows away all despair
I can see you smile at a distance
and feel your coming in the air.

The drizzle turns to a downpour
you choose to stay a while
I listen to you,mesmerized by
your kind eyes and your gorgeous smile.

We talk for hours together
your sweet voice against the pane
the rain washes away all dirt
and the world is new again.

Slowly the words die down
as we share things,said and unsaid,
and retire for the night
with a light drizzle and the star gaze.

Time flies and the dawn breaks
still in dreams, I refuse to wake
while you pack and hastily leave
too busy to even tell.

The sky is clear now
the clouds having long gone.
Ah! I know this feeling
I know it too well.

This is how I have known things to be
I take comfort in the familiarity,
Once again I went to bed with a dream
only to wake up to reality.

I am glad you came by
though you didn't belong to this hour,
you were just another one of them
you were just a passing shower.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Don't Ask Me

The inspiration for this piece is a person(prolly a guy, coz being a guy i get the guy psyche more) who is looking for space after a relationship and is so fed up of the pestering and constant questions (wat if,if n thens ,etc) that he just wants his ex to get on with it and leave him alone. give him some space and just go away.This is definitely not directed at anyone, as one of my dear friend thought it might be :P so yea without relating it to the author much jus read on..

Don't ask me why
things worked out this way,
that it could have been so different
to that I have nothing to say.

Don't ask me why did I not
stand up and stop you,
don't put the onus on me
you could have done that too!

Don't ask me what did I feel
or what I thought of you,
If you dint know this basic much
then I am glad that we are through.

Don't ask me how I am
or what's up with me
or why I am doing my stuff
for godsakes will u please let me be!

Don't ask me if there is a chance
I am sure there is none,
but if you so need to know,then
I am done playing dice with you.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

One of those days..

The second internals start frm tom...the same old 2 pprs/day funda... surrounded by books and notes and lotsa xerox stuf i hav no desire to open...but its doent really depend on my desire..what i wanna do and what i dont...its like this preset path...jus go along with a wheel moving in a narrow space...the more it tries to reason the make space the more wear n tear there is...

Well but then its just two more days and atlst for now it will be done...i cant wait to get out of here...totally free(in a less than an year's time) read more know more and gain a nw perspective...its nott hat bad here...but i gues i m just hit by a pre xam 'chain of thoughts' if i may so say...a couple of days down theline it will all appaer better and soon i will head home...but then all stay the same...the people the place the whole thing man!!

I gues m getin suckd into this...this apparently pointless thinkin (and cribbin)...specially when i can so ill afford it...don wanna be a victim of 'paralysis by analysis' :P not 2day yea back i go again into this neva endin pile of books/xerox/ etc etc... call it xam blues...i jus call it engg!!Its jus one of those days...not the first one nor the last...just one of them..

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Shades of Grey

Hello ppl,

This is something that I wrote long back...a couple of years that I m finally blogging I m putting it up here :)

Shades of Grey

All mornings bright and clear
so little to darken the skies,
school,family and all the peers
small world and wondering eyes.

Fast did the days go by
life still along familiar lanes,
little joys and simple fears
bruised knees and broken panes.

It is a big world my boy
and you haven't even begun,
grown ups and their words
distant horizon and sinking sun.

Old enough to walk the way
Young enough to not question,
The sky still lit,traces of white
longing for dawn,battling twilight.

Ah yes! so this is the place
this is where the way leads,
overjoyed he looks around
hundreds of others on barren grounds.

Soon did the illusions end
it is black all around,
smiles he still does see
on faces united by the dark.

There must be more to it
complains and consoles himself,
dying earth and virtual people
a million thoughts buzz his mind.

Questions cloud his mind
he tries the light of conscience,
a small candle in an abyss
baffling conventions and efforts in vain.

All he wants is the mornings clear,
white of dawn back into life,
little joys and simple fears,
bruised knees and broken panes.

Numbed by the buzzing thoughts
having lost the sense of time,
It is not black and it will not be white again,
all he sees is shades of grey.