Saturday, 19 December 2009

Of New Things and Old People :)

Hello ppl :)

M back home...n though initially I wasnt so keen on coming home after my xams...all is good now :) On paper toh I have so much of work to do :P shuru karne ko bore hota hai...n plus its december my fav months of the year so m happier!! :D :D gotta start on my documentary homework soon 2 ;) :P the biggest prob being that the lappy gets home only when dad reaches home(i.e. in the evenin!! :( :P ) khair...lets make the most..

Things have been changing around the usual way...last one week has been good :) I have this whole new inspiration/idea to write something..i hope i can pen it down...called 'The December Girl' ..kinda like the movie sweet november...jus that i m not dying :P Things are happenin too fast and time so bloody flies away!!Amazin how things were so still and quiet few days back in surat :) now its gear change time ;) but therez somethin I realise more and more as I get busier..that therez no substitute for true old good frenz :) wateva u do n howeva busier u get u can always count on them...n I m so darn lucky to have my fair share!! :D No matter what I do(or rather not do :P ) and where I end up...where i go and how many people come in and out(random chicks included :P ) I know(rather hope) these few will be along.. :) So to endless possibilities and the uncertainty that accmapanies...and to my dear frenz and the certainty that comes along ...CHEERS!! :D :D

Sunday, 13 December 2009


Hello folks,

End sems have ended. Last few days have been the most peaceful.I have been watching some amazing documentaries+lectures which have changed (yet again) the way I look at the world and myself in it.It is amazing what knowledge can do.There is this sense of constant unrest and turmoil (due to what I have learnt ova the last two days) as well a sense of quiet and timelessness, where I have just been floating from one day into another without any boundaries to them. In all of it I have realised that no where have I felt the need to do something(as in forced to like assignments and stuff) nor I have I felt the need to be anywhere else or be anyone else(which so often happens na) I love losing the count of days coz that means either you are super bored or depressed or that you are loving the times as they flow, and in my case it the seond one this tym(thank Lord :D ) I am not delirious (like I was in my ast blog :P ) neither am I sad...I just am.. :) which is so nice..

The hostel has been very quite too for last two days...either people are out doing tp or they have gone for their JMET test to B'bay or Ahmedabad or are at the LnT placement test in campus. My friends are getting placed finally and its such a relief to see them relieved. There is a place for everyone somewhere...matter of time before they find it :) As for me I have decided not to sit for any IT/software company...wait for some company which I wanna work in or better still not take a job at all!! :D And its definitely not a MBA now...nor do I plan to go abroad to study immediately...Just take some time off and let myself be.

Ideally I wanna go to a few places (Nepal,Kerala,Jaipur,Jodhpur, north east,etc. The list keeps growing :P ) and read a lot of books...The list of my 'to-read's has been growing for months now and I cant remem the last book I read :( Also therez this long list of subjects that I wanna find out more about. In between all this I have to find some job (any money paying activity basically :P ) of my interest...which is no mean feat(people who know how fussy and selective I am will agree with me ;) :P )

Saw Rocket Singh yest...was nice...definitely a one time watch..n I love Ranbir man!! And the gal opposite him(Shazahn Padamsee) was nicer ;) tall dusky great smile and curly hair...and a fun character!! A friend of mine got a new 22k 12 MP Nikon SLR yest! :O :D so had fun clicking few snaps with that in the evening :) This time(for the first time I guess) I am not too keen on going home..or rather staying at therez constant argument with my parents over the fact that why am I not taking my GMAT scores seriously and applying to univs or why am I not sitting for job interviews or why am I not this or that...etc etc...Socha toh kafi kuch hai dec+jan ke liye...lets c how much works out... Chalo I will get back to the lecture by David Icke that I was watching now...Amazingly he answers all those Qs which have been with me since my secong year engg...about nature of reality, nature of money and other things that we ought to know this ever increasing list of lectures to watch now :)

So long ppl,