Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Turn off the lights

Glory, fanfare all around
soaked in the festival of lights
sights and sounds, and smiles
Could it be any more bright?

I stand still and see
as the world passes by
spare me some space though
please dont ask me to fly

Let me just stand witness
watch the show from indoors
sky is your playground
let me please stay on the floor

Many smiles come my way
a familiar person they see
having held his fort for long
It has just gotten difficult to be

This is more convenient though
rather than break them the news
and then listen to the free flowing
advice, sympathy, help and views!

So I smile back at them
smile at being twins
smile as I hold fort
smile at the death of smile

As they meet me and leave
Good I say! I am sick of the bright
The last one leaving, do me a favour
On your way out, please turn off the lights!

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