Monday, 27 December 2010

A New Dawn

A new dawn breaks
new light fills the sky
being grounded for so long
once again I look up to fly.

Fog and mist all around
unsure of my flight,
I hold hope and smile
as you light up the long still night.

Maybe I should have flown yesterday
maybe the best weather has passed
doubt and fear cloud my mind
as I battle with my past.

But something tells me it's a new day
that I must let go and start
that the brightest of weathers
lurks behind this passing dark.

Some things might have changed
but I shall brace this new light
shall not regret and burn
shall bask in the sunshine.

I don't fear for what I feel
as the sun dispenses the numbing chill,
for today I know that
you, my dearest, are my freewill.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

A cold silent night

Deja vu it is
mirror deja vu if I may,
things that have happened before
with me on other side of the play.

Too pleased with the perfect weather
go a little far did I
reminds me of the cursed mariners,
the still winds and the painted sky!

As the night grows dark
the sails dead still,
I take a deep breath to brave
the biting cold, the numbing chill.

Maybe it is only fair
maybe this is what closes the loop,
as I battle random thoughts
ungrateful nights and the beautiful hoop.

I didn't let it happen then
shall today not be done to me,
for all the calls that have gone bad then
today I shall just let things be!

It must be so at least once
good for me it is, I am told
Ok! Alright! I smile wry
as I try harder to hold.

I know not how long it shall take
know not when there shall be light
I close my eyes and smile
as I slowly dissolve into the cold silent night.